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Easy Energy Wellness is the premier provider of cutting edge alternative health services in Greenwood, IN. If you’re looking online for experts in detoxification for chronic illness, you can trust that we offer the highest level of technology and treatment.


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I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and cancer metastases in my lungs & bones in March 2017. After nearly 3 months using the variety of holistic healing treatments my energy dramatically increased, I was able to give blood on the first stick, & my oncologist’s office was impressed with my unusually positive response to their treatments. They don’t want to know the details, but tell me “keep doing whatever you’re doing.” Indeed I will!

Michelle Sutton

A great natural alternative to Prescription based treatment.

Trudy Holtsclaw

After tearing my groin doing intense exercising, I decided to give it a try. I had a 6″ bruise on my inner thigh. After using the BEMER and PEMF, the pain was greatly reduced and the bruise was gone within a week. I bruise often and they normally stay for over a month or more. You could see the physical effects of the improved circulation and the injury healed in 1/2 the time it should have.

Sara Marshall

I had a diverticulitis rupture and started the Hocatt, Beamer, and Boomer. The machines have changed my life. Levi and Sandra started me on celery juice and I haven’t felt better. Great company! They know they’re stuff.

Nathan Westphal